Workshop with homemade lunch

Ito mono matsuri 2019
Ito mono matsuri 2018
Movie & Knitting
Ito mono matsuri 2017

Double name accessory2

(Rolfs Plads x Botánico Botánica)

Nanduti feather Necklace1

(Rolfs Plads x Botánico Botánica)

Nanduti feather Necklace2

(Rolfs Plads x Botánico Botánica)


Ito mono matsuri 2016

Amethyst / Garnet / Swarovski / beads piereced earrings

Amethyst / Garnet / beads piereced earrings

Amethyst / Smorky quartz / Mother of pearl / beads piereced earrings


Ruby pierced earrings

Amazonite & Coral piereced earrings

Amethyst & Peridot pendant

Mother of pearl / Cherry quartz / Pink opal piereced earrings




Pendant drops

Lavender wood necklace

Bronze bird necklace 
Double name accessory 


Ito mono matsuri (Workshop:Botánico Botánica)

Washi-paper cards


Paper craft work shop


Christmas decolation

Workshop at Caffe

Karasuyama marche
Embroidery design (stich work:uzum)

Giorni magazine Jul'14

Tria Market

Picture book

Scandinavian charity event

Knit magazine Summer '14


Knit magazine Spring '14

Swimwear bag     

Supporting Scandinavian Christmas event

Kitten sweater

Knit magazine Winter '13


Knit magazine Autumn '13

Scandinavian charity event

Yacht bag

Ku:nel magazine

Knit magazine Summer '13


Collection '13

Black leather bag

Workshop in Scandinavian
Christmas event
Multi jade necklace

Multi jade bracelet


Clutch bag

Three faces leather bag
Ametrine set

Two ways leather bag


Knit event

Christmas event

Cusyufull magazine

Leather cords bracelet

Scandinavian charity event


Easter event at Mies

Liniere magazine

Egg stands

Barfout!. magazine

Free paper project



Cusyufull magazine
Christmas event at gg
Giorni magazine
Christmas Nisse

2010 catalogue

Three coins necklace

Pink jade and rhodonite bracelet

Pink beads necklace

2009 catalogue


Charity bears

Little girl's bag  
JB's glove
Men's socks 2
Purple glove
Olive jade necklace  
Green fluorite necklace
Gold stick pearl necklace 2
Amethyst necklace 2
Takashimaya Christmas event
Amethyst earrings 2
Christmas ornament
for LEE magazine
Felt bonbons
Christmas hearts
Wish cards
Glass markers
Christmas boots
Snow coasters
First exhibition Aug.'09
Barfout!. magazine

Carnelian coral cherrystone necklace

Green fluorite earrings

Labradorite bracelet

Gold stick pearl necklace

Turquoise bracelet

Amethyst necklace
Violet pearl necklace
Silver earrings
Plum coin pearl necklace
Garnet necklace
2-in-1 bag (Inner bag: Liberty print)
Check scarf
Bird shell earrings
Border summer knit sweater
Champagne gold pearl bracelet

Gold pearl necklace

Red thread bracelet


Men's socks

Star and stripes scarf

Blue knit one-piece dress

Turquoise necklace
Charm bracelet
Candy necklace
Necklace and pinky ring of pink pearl
Pink pearl earrings2
Amazonite bracelet
Navy jacket
Amethyst earrings1
Red bolero
Border scarf
Canvas bag
(Inside: Marimekko textile)
Silver stars bracelet



Black cap
Black sweater
Dress for a little girl
A-line skirt


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